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May 24, 2012


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I can't believe there is still the conversation that "marketers are not genuine". Marketing professionals do not make decisions on their own, they do not enter a room and claim - this is it and we are doing it! They need buy-in from many departments before moving forward with any project.

As for the student movements, don't you think it is a bit of a stretch to connect the student's movement against the $365 dollars a year tuition increase to integrity?

Because the decision to raise tuition fee did not solely come from the Government. Rather, like marketing professionals, it came from a mutual agreement from schools, businesses in Montreal and the Quebec government.

Shouldn't then this mean that the students be protesting against the school?

Oh, wait a minute, then this means it is a boycott and not a protest.

And, speaking about integrity and some guts, how about some guts in showing both sides of the protest, which no one seems to be doing. Now that would be gutsy!

this movement doesn't need any more fuel; it's already aflame. i think that the strategy for any brand here is simple: help the movement achieve results, and they will have the audience locked.
at this point, any brand can come forth. the movement would appreciate all the help and support they could get.


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