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July 11, 2008


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The survey you refer to published in Branchez-vous was conducted online by Ipsos among francophones 18+ and is therefore about "reported use" of Facebook. In that same article in Branchez-vous, web specialist Eric Baillargeon is mentioned and so is his data, analysis and conclusion that "one in seven" Quebeckers (15%) subscribe to Facebook. That's the source we use. See his blog at

You will also find trended data and a breakdown by region. Also, keep in mind that the Ipsos data is limited to francophones 18+ while Baillargeon's data reflects actual use among all Quebeckers of all ages who visit the social networking site.

According to Branchez-Vous' survey, 1 French Speaking Quebecois out of 4 (25%) is on Facebook.


This data (March 08) is a little odd compare to yours (April 08).

I am not saying that you are wrong. I am just interested to read the comscore source (because I believe comscore is more accurate).

I meant comscore sorry.

I am interested to know the source of your comcast statistics because I cannot find it anywhere on the Internet that "And according to April 2008 data from Comscore, only 15.2% of the Quebec population uses Facebook compared to 32.2% in Ontario and as high as 33.6% in the Maritimes."


I mostly agree with the content of the article and I appreciated reading it. Being from Montreal, I can see the difference now that I am living in Ontario. People here all seem to have an account on Facebook. In the meantime, Longueuil is not even registered as a network in that same Facebook. There is an interesting market to develop in Quebec no doubt about it but in the meantime, traditional marketing is still an important piece of the marketing puzzle.

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